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Are you a Catholic who:

  • Wants to know more about the the Truth of the Church as she should be?

  • Wants to know more about the Catholic Church as it is today?

  • Needs to feel at home in the Catholic Church again?

  • Regularly attends mass but feels the need to rekindle your spiritual life?

  • Feels separated from the Church?

  • Is interested in returning to the Church?

  • Feels your mistakes prevent you from being welcomed by the Church?

  • Does not agree with everything the Church teaches?

  • Was hurt by someone in the Church and feels unsure about the Church?

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Catholics, whether highly devout or fallen away and everyone in between, sometimes fail to realize the beauty of what the Church is intended to be. What the Church is intended to be and the reality can be quite different. Unless we come to know God and understand God's intentions for our lives we cannot hope to bring about the Kingdom here on earth.  It is important, therefore, that we as individuals come to some conclusion as to the truth of the Church and the truth of who we are as people. This site is about working to learn the Truth.  The greatest gift that can be given anyone is to know for sure that what and who we are is being lived to the full. And so, let us not be asleep, let us together become Catholics Awakened!

Love this type of learning and opportunity to grow in my faith. Please keep it going.

I love to be in a room with other Catholics talking and learning about our faith ... well prepared and presented. Many, many thanks!

Pat Keller

Anne Brady

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