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Do We All Have Influence in the Church?

Does the Church move autonomously and without regard to the thoughts and feelings of all her members? Tony Forrest leads Ken Steponaitis through a discussion on a meeting that will take place over the next few years in the Diocese of Dallas and the Universal Church called a synod. Learn what a synod is and whether or not you can be involved in this process.

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Tony and Ken - Humbly and without yet personally researching the specifics of the mission of this Synod, it sounds essential and fundamental to the growth of the Church. What I am concerned about is how cerebral and bogged down in complex terminology this already appears, which is historically and paradoxically what has divided those in authority from the majority of us who are just common people for over 2000 years. How far have we actually evolved from the very legalism that Jesus came to challenge and free us from? And is the purpose of this Synod to truly bridge that very gap? Thanks for all you are doing for us in your podcasts! Your sister in Christ, Paje

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